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Published on the store’s website on June 18, 2024.
  1. These terms and conditions outline the rules for the provision of services by 4Media Creations Renata Ciężkowska to Customers in the online store available at: (hereinafter referred to as the “Store”).
  2. Contact with the 4mc Shop is possible via:
  3. Using the Platform signifies thorough familiarity with these Terms and Conditions and acceptance of their provisions.


Terms and Conditions – refers to these terms and conditions of the Store. Consumer – refers to a natural person conducting a legal action not directly related to their business or professional activity.

Service Provider – 4Media Creations Renata Ciężkowska, located at: ul. St. Kazury 17/3, 02-795 Warsaw, NIP: 9512268236

Client – refers to any entity using the Store’s website or holding an account on it.

Account – a collection of resources and permissions within the Store assigned to a specific Client. Newsletter – a service of sending information about new products and promotions available in the Store via electronic mail.

Digital Product – mock-up, photo, video, graphic, template that can be opened using a computer with appropriate software as indicated in each product’s description.


Proper use of the Store and purchase of Digital Products is possible provided the Client registers in the Store and their information system meets the following technical requirements:

  1. Web browsers:
    • Chrome version 70 and higher,
    • Safari version 12 and higher,
    • Edge version 80 and higher,
    • Firefox version 60 and higher,
    • Internet Explorer version 11 and higher,
    • Opera version 66 and higher, accepting “cookies” files.
  2. Enabled JavaScript support in the browser,
  3. Access to email,
  4. Use of a device with internet access to download the Digital Product. Proper download and reading of Digital Products is possible provided the following requirements are met:
  5. 500 Mb of free space on the device’s disk where the product will be downloaded,
  6. Software to read files in PSD, PDF, JPG, PNG, MP4 formats.


  1. The Store offers Digital Products in the following formats:
    • PSD
    • PDF
    • MP4
    • JPG
    • PNG.
  2. In case of purchase, the Client receives the option to download the product in the format indicated in the product description. Products presented on the website constitute an invitation to conclude an agreement within the meaning of Article 71 of the Civil Code. By placing an order, the Client makes an offer to conclude a contract for the delivery of digital content. Product prices are gross prices (including VAT) and are given in Polish zloty. The Service Provider reserves the right to update product prices, which will not affect the order placed by the Buyer before the changes are introduced.


  1. Creating an account in the store is not mandatory; however, if an account is not created, products can only be downloaded via the order email sent to the address provided by the Client. The 
  2. Client declares that in case of creating an account on the Store’s website:
    • the data provided by them is accurate and does not infringe the rights of any third parties;
    • they are over 18 years old;
    • they accept the Terms and Conditions and the Store’s Privacy Policy.
  3. An activation message will be sent to the email address provided by the Client to activate the Account.
  4. The Service Provider is not responsible for the failure to provide the account creation service due to the Client providing incorrect data. 
  5. Client registration is equivalent to concluding an agreement between the Client and the Service Provider for the free provision of electronic services regarding the management of the Account. The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. The Client may terminate the account management agreement by requesting the deletion of data and the account. 
  6. For legal entities and organizational units, only a person authorized to act on behalf of these entities can create an Account and perform all subsequent actions within the Store. 
  7. Access to the Account is obtained by logging in (i.e., providing the email address and password).
  8. The user agrees not to share the login credentials (logins, passwords) with third parties.


  1. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  2. The acceptance of the order will occur after the payment is credited to the Seller’s account, about which the Client will be informed by email.

  3. The contract with the Client is concluded at the moment of order acceptance by the Seller.

  4. After making the payment, the Client will not be able to make changes to the placed order.

  5. Within a few minutes of the payment being credited to the Seller’s account, the Client will receive:

    • confirmation of the Agreement,
    • information about the order execution along with the Digital Product file for download. The Seller undertakes to deliver the Digital Product within 24 hours of receiving the payment confirmation.
  6. The Seller will make every effort to fulfill the order within a few minutes of its payment. The Client will receive the purchased product at the email address provided in the order form.


  1. Accepted payment methods can be seen when the client decides to purchase and proceeds to order from the cart. Combining different payment methods for one order is not possible.

  2. The Service Provider issues electronic invoices (e-invoices), which are sent to the email address provided by the Client.

  3. A Client who is a VAT taxpayer should provide their company name, address, and tax identification number during the order placement.

  4. By concluding the Agreement with the Service Provider and accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Client agrees to the issuance and provision of invoices by the Service Provider in electronic form, in accordance with Article 106n paragraph 1 of the Act of March 11, 2004, on the tax on goods and services (Journal of Laws of 2004 No. 54, item 535 as amended).


  1. The Service Provider may conduct promotions and sales.

  2. The terms of the promotions and sales will be announced on the Store’s website and its social media profiles.

  3. The conditions and rules under which the promotions will be held will be specified in the promotion regulations.


  1. The Service Provider is obliged to deliver the Digital Product without defects.
  2. The Client can notify the Service Provider of any irregularities in the functioning of the Store’s website.
  3. The right to file a complaint under the warranty is granted to the Client, particularly if:
    • The Digital Product is damaged or incomplete,
    • After fulfilling all the technical requirements necessary to download and open the Digital Product, it does not open correctly,
    • It does not correspond to the description available on the Store’s website.
  4. If any of the mentioned defects are found by the Client, they have the right to request the exchange of the Digital Product for a defect-free one.
  5. All questions or issues can be reported via email at: The complaint should include:
    • Name and surname,
    • Email address assigned to the Client’s account,
    • Order number,
  6. Description of the Digital Product defect/type of irregularity in the functioning of the Store’s website.
  7. The complaint will be reviewed by the Store within 14 business days.


  1. The right to withdraw from the Agreement is granted to the Client within 14 days from the date of purchase, only if the product has not been downloaded by the Client during this time. If the Client downloads the product within this time, they consent to the delivery of the digital content covered by the order before the deadline for withdrawal from the agreement and waives the right to withdraw from the Agreement.

  2. The Client will notify the Service Provider of their intention to withdraw from the agreement via email to, indicating:

    • Name and surname,
    • Email address assigned to the Client’s account,
    • Order number.
  3. Within 72 hours, the Service Provider will check if the product has not been downloaded before the 14-day deadline. If it is confirmed that the Client did not download the Digital Product, the Client will receive a refund.


  1. Activating the account by the Client is equivalent to consenting to the Service Provider sending the Newsletter with information about promotions and new products to the email address provided by the Client. The Client can unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any time by sending a request to the email address:


  1. If the Client’s complaint is not accepted, the Client, as a Consumer, can use out-of-court complaint and redress procedures. In particular, the consumer can apply to the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court or use the assistance of a district (municipal) consumer rights ombudsman or a social organization whose statutory tasks include consumer protection.

  2. More detailed information about out-of-court complaint and redress procedures can be found on the website The

  3. Consumer can also resolve the dispute online through the ADR platform, available at:


  1. The Service Provider reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions.

  2. Changes to the Terms and Conditions will come into effect 14 days after the Client has been informed of the changes.

  3. The Service Provider will inform about the changes by posting information about the changes along with the new text of the terms and conditions on the Store’s website.

  4. All agreements concluded before the new Terms and Conditions come into effect will be executed based on the Terms and Conditions that were in force on the day the agreement was concluded.

  5. The Service Provider will inform Clients who have an account on the Store’s website about the changes to the Terms and Conditions via email.

  6. If the Client does not agree with the new content of the Terms and Conditions, they may terminate the agreement by deleting their Client account.

  7. In matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions, the provisions of Polish law, including the Civil Code, shall apply.

    All disputes related to the services provided by the Service Provider will be resolved by the competent Polish common courts.

All disputes related to the services provided by the Service Provider will be resolved by the competent Polish common courts.